HSC Communications department,

Though i am good at photography and writing I don't have a lot in my portfolio that falls into the category of photojournalism. However I did find this small series of photos I took while on vacation in Peru a few years back.  I was in a remote jungle city called Tarapoto when a "huelga" (strike) started.  Hueglas are usually initiated by the indigenous community who do most of the manual labor in Peru's cities and villages, and they are considerably more intense then our labor strikes.  Unlike our fairly contained and isolated protests, all services in the region shut down during a huelga and violence is used to enforce the strike, should anyone try to open their business during the protest.  There was high tension in the air, and it was in that environment that out took out my iPhone and snapped these photos:


The technical quality is admittedly crude because it was a 1st generation iPhone with a pretty crappy lens on it.  But i think it does show a photojournalists touch, in my willingness to get in the middle of a charged situation and capture the moment.